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Applanet AdFree Apk Downloads

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Applanet v2.9.0.3 AdFree

Applanet two.9..three AdFree Apk Downloads

Applanet's massive database c0ntains m0re than 9,000 Android applications. Y0u have access the t0 most recent version 0f b0th cost-free and paid applicati0ns f0und in the Android Marketplace and even s0me y0u can not and w0n't have t0 pay something! Applanet is y0ur 0ne-st0p alternative app market place.

NOTE:Applanet is NOT constantly 0nline and functi0ning these days, they are still fixing it but they managed t0 make it perform again.
NOTE2: If y0u never see any applicati0n in the market attempt clearing the cache, Settings >Application >Manage >Applanet >Clear Cache

Recent adjustments:
- 0k guys i've g0t rep0rts this w0rks. Only set up this if y0u are 0n ICS (Ice cream sandwich) 0therwise y0ur app will n0t w0rk. S0 if y0u get ICS Crashes then use this apk, Please uninstall manually y0ur previous applanet and update t0 this 0ne manually as it will n0t be aut0matic. http://www.applanet.net/Applanet.apk.
We are n0w 0n Varnish which sh0uld speed factors up.
0n a new server
-Parser Updated
-Due t0 parser update numerous err0rs bef0re sh0uldn't occur n0w
-Improved connecti0n am0unt t0 apache and tomcat sh0uld run better h0pefully
-Bills are receiving high-priced quite needed ads have been installed
-Am0ng 0ther 0f a c0uple small updates.


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