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Hornet Antivirus Free APK Downloads

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Hornet AntiVirus Free provides the ultimate protection against viruses, trojans, spyware, keyloggers, potentially malicious USSD / MMI codes and other malicious applications. The used "IN-ACTIVATOR AntiVirus Engine" supplies solid malware detection and guarantees a maximum of protection. The integrated actual-time protection is checking the applications already when they are installed - and alerts you instantly if malicious code is detected. A clearly arranged list of your app´s permissions shows if your "flashlight app" has fun sending sms messages - or if your new "puzzle game" is interested in your GPS place and private information.

This application is free of charge of charge, does not contain advertising and does not ask for dubious permissions, when it is installed.

NEW: Hornet AntiVirus Free of charge includes protection against potentially malicious USSD codes (USSD Filter / USSD Blocker). You do not have to install an other app to remain protected!

Integrated functions:

- Use of heuristic techniques to detect new malware variants.
- Detection of code obfuscation.
- Detection of apps making use of offensive marketing (e.g. AirPush, LeadBolt, Moolah Media).
- Actualization of malware-definitions and of the system at standard intervals employing the update functionality of "Google Play". (Please activate "Let automatic updating" for Hornet AntiVirus.)
- Easy-to-use interface and menu structure.
- Explicit alert sound if malware is identified.

Hornet AntiVirus Totally free was tested extensively. To update and refine the application is our passion. You can help us in reaching this aim: Please send us an e-mail if there are compatibility troubles with your device or if you have basic ideas with regards to the additional development of the software. We appear forward to obtain your message.

Put your trust in our item!
Hornet AntiVirus Cost-free - Safety. Made in Germany.

Present ideas:

Some users ask, why we don´t execute particular functions in the background. This has security causes:

1. Several trojans perform their malicious functions immediately after they were started. Scanning in foreground for a few seconds (following a download) reduces the threat of a malicious app being executed prior to the scan was completed.
2. The examination performed by "Hornet AntiVirus" is quite extensive. This demands a considerable quantity of your device´s performance in the course of a scan. Please take the time - for your security.

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