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Arma Tactics THD v1.2273 Apk Full Game

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Arma Tactics THD

Arma Techniques THD v1.2273

Arma Techniques THD requires the greatest fr0m the p0pular strategy genre. and g0es m0bile. The finest assets used in the critically acclaimed Arma™ series 0n Pc n0w c0me t0 life 0n the m0bile platforms, in 0ne 0f the ideal l00king m0bile games t0 date.

Arma Techniques is a turn-primarily based cl0se-c0mbat approach game, exactly where the player takes c0ntrol 0f a f0ur-member Specific F0rces group. There are n0 given approaches, rails t0 m0ve 0n, 0r paths t0 adhere to it‘s up t0 the player t0 determine h0w he will play thr0ugh b0th the st0ry-driven missi0ns and generated missi0ns with rand0mized 0bjectives. Regardless of whether using stealth 0r a m0re direct appr0ach, players will require t0 use their strategic pondering and use b0th basic and sophisticated weap0nry whilst facing a lot of diverse 0pp0nents - ranging fr0m un0rganized l0cal militia t0 smart and skilled mercenaries.

With extremely replayable missions, achievements, weapons t0 unl0ck and wh0le campaigns t0 be regularly added, Arma Techniques 0ffers a lot of h0urs 0f intense ever-altering acti0n.

F0r Tegra-p0wered devices 0nly - understand m0re 0n TegraZone obtainable 0n Google Play

* Obtaining problems? Please drop us a line at help@bistudio.com
* Want t0 kn0w about upc0ming c0ntent? Preserve checking www.facebook.com/ArmaTactics

What is New

Arma Tactics THD Update 1.2273 changel0g

NEW: New Assist screen accessible via ingame menu with game basics, c0ntr0ls and ideas

Repair: camera m0vement pr0blems (esp. on Shield)

Fix: target ic0ns s0metimes invisible f0r visible enemies

Fix: fps issues in B00tcamp

Fix: 0perat0r's interrupt triggered 0nly after the group has currently been c0mpr0mised

and significantly m0re.

Total changel0g: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?161381-Update-1-2273-obtainable&p=2467227#post2467227

Arma Tactics THD
Arma Tactics THD
Arma Tactics THD
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