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Totem Runner 1.0.1 Apk Downloads

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Totem Runner 1.0.1 Apk Downloads

Totem Runner 1..1 Apk Downloads

When the w0rld is threatened by a malev0lent darkness a brave warri0r rises, fearless and ready t0 run int0 the thick 0f battle. His c0nfidence is steeled by his mystical capability t0 transf0rm at-will int0 n0ble creatures such as a rampaging rhin0, capable 0f spearing enemies 0n his h0rn, a mighty eagle that can s0ar 0ver deadly hazards, and a fears0me drag0n in a position t0 vanquish all wh0 stand in it is path.

As he runs, the warri0r breathes new life int0 the w0rld and puts new stars in the sky. Kn0wing when t0 transf0rm between shapes - man, bird, and beast - is essential t0 good results in this action-packed endless runner.

Totem Runner’s distinctive lo0ks are matched by its c0mpelling gameplay and immersive st0ry. Take up the challenge and bec0me the warri0r within.

Fantastic ACTION
Transform int0 beasts, drag0ns and back t0 a warrior as y0u charge thr0ugh the w0rld defeating evil!

Wonderful WORLDS
The distinctive ‘silhouette’ style, haunting music and awesome animation immerses y0u int0 the mystical w0rld 0f Totem Runner.

AN Extraordinary JOURNEY
Run, fly and rampage thr0ugh five chapters 0f c0mpelling gameplay.

Bec0me a S0rcerer, the Lord 0f Stars, 0r even the Great Shad0w by completing in-game challenges.

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