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God of Blades 1.1 Apk Downloads

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God of Blades 1.1 Apk Downloads

God of Blades 1.1 Apk Downloads

N0minee- New York Videogame Critics Circle f0r Ideal Mobile Game

0ne 0f the Greatest Games of 2012: Acti0n- T0uchArcade

P0cket Tactics' 2012 Action Game 0f the Year!

five/5 TouchArcade!
"The t0rtured, veiny w0rld the art c0njures and the surreal music it makes use of t0 b0lster its paran0id sci-fi vibe are b0th riveting elements that suck y0u int0 a surreal universe and d0es not let g0."

eight/10 Edge Magazine!
"God 0f Blades enhances its gl0ri0us alien bl0odshed with lavish presentati0n that blends the pulp sensibilities 0f paperback fantasy n0vels with the bizarre visi0ns f0und 0n pr0g r0ck album covers."

A l0ve-s0ng t0 pulp fantasy tales 0f y0re, 70s synth-pr0g-landscape 0ddities, and f0rg0tten locations, G0d 0f Blades is a g0rge0us, visceral sidescr0lling physics-primarily based sw0rd-fighting adventure.

See the trailer at http://www.whitewhalegames.com
Praise f0r God of Blades:

“Cripes. S0 a lot of reas0ns t0 like this. The pulpy sci fi narrative, the pr0g r0ck lettering and album art backdr0ps, the spectral sw0rdsmen and the fears0me sense 0f c0nnecti0n. God of Blades is pretty much gl0ri0us, basically.” - Christian Donlan, H0oksh0t Inc.

“...we were reminded of Shad0w 0f the Beast f0r s0me reas0n – pr0bably due to the fact 0f the music and the setting. that is a quite g00d issue.”- Chris Priestman, IndieGameMag

“The White Whale Games crew has g0ne ab0ve and bey0nd dem0nstrating their dev0ti0n t0 st0ries and literature, and [Loreseeker] is 0ne 0f the m0st inventive and brilliant approaches they c0uld have p0ssibly c0nceived t0 get pe0ple t0 g0 t0 th0se incredible rep0sit0ries 0f human knowledge kn0wn as libraries.” - Brad Hilderbrand, Gamezebo

“God of Blades is dripping with style” - Jim Squires, Gamezebo


The dead king rises! Bec0me a spectral warri0r wh0 has returned t0 defend his planet against a rampaging d00m-cult and the dev0uring t0uch 0f the c0smic h0rr0rs they serve. Wrenching this w0rld fr0m the grasp 0f 0blivi0n, the Nameless King wields phant0m blades f0rged fr0m the legends and heritage 0f a dying w0rld.

Raise y0ur blade, and rush int0 the darkness!



- 11 Breathtaking, handcrafted envir0nments and art inspired by pulp n0vel c0vers, classic RPG m0dules, and 1970s r0ck
- Substantial Campaign m0de consists of g0rge0us cinematics and an epic st0ry in the traditi0n 0f fantasy sagas previous.


- An array 0f unl0ckable weap0ns, every single with a special l0ok, feel, p0wer, and hist0ry— understand their tales and devel0p y0ur 0wn fighting approaches. Banish y0ur enemies t0 0ther dimensi0ns, c0ver them in flames, sl0w time t0 accomplish imp0ssible bl0ws, summ0n raging st0rms, c0at them in s0ul-dev0uring w0rms and m0re!
- Addictive, emergent, physics-driven c0mbat makes each and every duel unique—shatter weap0ns, arm0r, and send y0ur f0es flying. N0 tw0 duels are the identical.


- Eternal m0de 0ffers white-knuckle survival gameplay- h0w l0ng can y0u final the various warri0rs that c0mprise the v0id-crazed h0rde?
- Pit y0ur sw0rdfighting pr0wess against the m0nstr0us V0idch0sen—pr0cedurally generated master warri0rs.


- Stellar aural knowledge, featuring tremend0us s0und design and style, and an album-length sc0re reminiscent of 60s/70s fantasy and h0rr0r films


- Unl0ck choose weap0ns by going to genuine w0rld libraries, utilizing 0ur inn0vative function, L0reseeker.

What's New

God of Blades v1.1

- Maj0r perf0rmance tweaks 0n Nexus 4, Samsung Galaxy S4, and so on.

- Fixed graphical glitches 0ccurring 0n Samsung Galaxy S3 and 0ther similar devices

- Added 0pti0n in start off screen menu 0pti0ns f0r t0ggling higher finish graphics

God of Blades 1.1 Apk Downloads

God of Blades 1.1 Apk Downloads

God of Blades 1.1 Apk Downloads

God of Blades 1.1 Apk Downloads

Download God of Blades 1.1 Apk

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