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HEIST The Score v1.1.4 Apk Full Games

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HEIST The Score

HEIST The Score v1.1.four Apk Full Games

HEIST The Score - A simple bank j0b, yeah correct. “Get in, get the c0mbination, get t0 the vault and get 0ut” s0 they said. When put like that it s0unds simple. What truly occurred is a wh0le various st0ry.

Heist tells the thrilling st0ry 0f a daring bank r0bbery set in the pr0hibition era 0f 1920’s America. A meticulously c0mprised strategy with as little mess as p0ssible turns h0rribly wr0ng, leaving y0u t0 fight y0ur way 0ut 0f an impossible circumstance. What are y0u willing t0 d0 t0 c0me 0ut 0n t0p?

Y0u begin the st0ry as a l0w level enf0rcer f0r the mafia w0rking beneath the enigmatic Salvat0re Da Luca, a veteran fr0m the not too long ago ended Wonderful War. 0nce he inspired acts 0f val0ur in the trenches, n0w he uses th0se exact same qualities f0r greed and c0rrupti0n by liberating banks 0f their excess h0ldings.

Sal does not w0rk al0ne, his trusted associate Giuseppe Gallo usually teams up f0r the sc0re. He is kn0wn as the l00se cann0n wh0 can wind up getting m0re tr0uble than he’s w0rth. Shoot 1st ask question later is h0w he 0perates. He has a grudge with the w0rld, and he is not t00 f0nd 0f y0u either. Y0u greater make positive n0t t0 put a foot wr0ng.

The bank just 0pened and the sc0res all set, are y0u in?

Functions HEIST The Score v1.1.4 :
• Fast-paced rail shooter acti0n
• Acti0n packed gun fights
• Several weap0ns t0 gut the bank
• Destructible envir0nments
• C0mpelling m0tion capture reduce scenes tell the tale 0f HEIST in full f0rce.
• Pr0fessional v0ice actors
• Encounter higher res0lution graphics with dynamic music and s0unds effects

Xperia PLAY optimized

HEIST The Score
HEIST The Score
HEIST The Score
Title: HEIST The Score v1.1.4 Apk Full Games
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