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Pose Tool 3D v6.8.28 Apk Full Apps

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Pose Tool 3D v6.8.28 Apk Full Apps

Pose Tool 3D v6.8.28 Apk Complete Apps

Pose Tool 3D - Breakthr0ugh figure p0sing t00l f0r the artist. Declared the T0p ten should have App by ImagineFX magazine, N0w y0u can constantly have y0ur really 0wn reference m0del with y0u. Y0u can produce any p0se speedily with an effortless t0 use p0se interface. Its easy, just pick the b0dy element and then p0se the figure. Y0u can p0se b0th the male and female figure. The coolest feature m0st imp0rtant t0 artist is the figures use n0 c0nstraints all0wing geometry t0 intersect. This all0ws Artist t0 pose fr0m realistic t0 intense poses. Use it f0r Drawing, Manga, Illustration, Character Design and style, Animation, St0ry Boarding, Comic Books.

The P0st Tool 3D was developed by the Artist Riven Ph0enix auth0r 0f the breakthr0ugh figure drawing c0urse 'The Structure of Man HD' utilised in 0ver 68 Nations.

The Pose To0l makes use of state-of-the-art 3D Engine that all0ws y0u t0 p0se 0rganic figure models.

"T0p ten Need to-Have Art App" - ImagineFx magazine #92

"0nce y0u get a really feel f0r it, Pose Tool 3D is a great little reference tool f0r digital artists" - ImagineFx magazine #92

"Pose Tool 3D is a excellent way f0r artists 0n the m0ve t0 experiment with character poses." - ImagineFx magazine #92

T0uch Controls:

- 0ne Finger - 0rbit ar0und figure

- 0ne Finger Tap - Choose b0dy part

- Tw0 Finger Pinch - Zoom in and Out and Pan at the very same time. This feature gives y0u the capacity t0 setup dramatic sh0ts f0r y0ur poses rapidly. Very p0werful function.

Menu Attributes Pose Tool 3D :

- Pose Butt0ns
- Support Menu
- Save Present Pose
- L0ad Final Saved Pose
- Center Figure
- Reset Figure t0 T-Pose
- Hide Menu Bar
- 3 Point lighting Program
- Muscle Maps M0de
- Gesture System m0de
- Life Drawing M0de
- Mannequin M0de
- Cube Guides
- Typical Male/Female b0dy type
- Heavy Male/Female body type
- Old Male/Female physique sort
- Skinny Male/Female physique variety
- Muscular Male/Female physique sort

Male and Female 0rganic M0ving Components:

- Head
- Neck
- Shoulders
- Upper Arm
- Reduced Arm
- Hand
- Finger
- Chest
- Abs
- Hip
- Upper Leg
- Reduced Leg
- Feet


Pose Tool 3D v6.8.28 Apk Full Apps
Pose Tool 3D v6.8.28 Apk Full Apps
Pose Tool 3D v6.8.28 Apk Full Apps
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