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Root Explorer 3.0.1 Apk Full Apps

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Root Explorer
Root Explorer

Root Explorer is the ultimate file manager fr root users. Access the whle f android's file technique (including the elusive information flder!).

Features incorporate numerous tabs, Google Drive, Box, Dropbox and network (SMB) supprt, SQLite database viewer, Text Editor, develop and extract zip r tar/gzip files, extract rar archives, multi-choose, execute scripts, search, remunt, permissins, bokmarks, send files (through email, bluetooth and so forth), image thumbnails, APK binary XML viewer, change file wner/grup, produce symblic link, "Open With" facility, MD5, generate shrtcuts.

Fr quickly, friendly supprt just email us: support@speedsoftware.co.uk

We will always try t help with any prblem yu could have with the app. If we cannot help then yu can have a refund, n questions asked.

Though 16,000+ five star ratings will tell yu that mst peple are very happy custmers. Make sure yu read as many cmments as pssible t get a very good idea f what mst folks think f the app.

We nonetheless respect the ld 24 hour refund plicy. S if you are not satisfied with the app just e-mail us inside 24 hours and yu can have a refund. We'll want t knw the rder quantity, which yu can find n the emails sent t yu by Google when yu downloaded.

Why cmpromise? Get the riginal and the very best!

New permissins:

Complete network access - Needed fr network and cloud access. N informatin is passed t us ver the internet.

Add r remve accounts - Employed by the Google Drive SDK t add a new accunt if preferred. N changes are created t existing accunts and n details accessed apart frm the account name.

Locate accunts n the device - Used t list accessible accounts fr logging int Google Drive.

Stop frm sleeping - Employed t stop the device sleeping throughout lng operations s they are nt interrupted.

What's New


• Enable permissions and 0wner modify n a number of chosen files.

• Added ACCESS_SUPERUSER permission fr compatibility with most recent Superuser.


• Numerous tabs.

• Network (SMB), Google Drive, Box and Dropbox supprt.

• Cncurrent, background prcessing f multiple perations with notifications.

• New actin status with prgress display and capability t cancel all lng-running operations.

• Actin bar and multi-pick action mode supprt.

• Completely customizable list icns.

Root Explorer
Root Explorer
Root Explorer
Root Explorer
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