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Talking Tom Cat 2 v2.2 Apk Full Game

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Talking Tom Cat 2
Talking Tom Cat two,  EPIC NEW Functions
- You can n0w cust0mize Tom's look by acquiring him access0ries like soccer unif0rms, hats, sunglasses and lots m0re.
- Make Tom appear like a p0lice 0fficer, pirate, constructi0n worker 0r a cowboy.
- Y0u can shop f0r accessories with g0ld coins. Y0u can get gold coins or get them f0r free of charge.
- Y0u get 25 gold coins if y0u 0pen the app each day.
- You get 200 gold coins f0r every single push n0tification y0u get. Make certain y0u subscribe t0 push notifications!Tom is back with an all new adventure! Tom is y0ur cat that resp0nds to y0ur touch and repeats everything y0u say in a funny voice.
Since Tom is n0w an international celebrity, he's m0ved 0ut 0f the alley and int0 a cool apartment.
But almost everything is n0t ideal for Tom, his neighbour Ben teases and pesters him c0nstantly.
 -Talk to Tom and he will repeat almost everything y0u say with a funny v0ice.
 -Pet Tom's belly 0r head and make him purr.
 -P0ke his head, belly 0r feet.
 -Slap Tom's face left and correct.
 -Pull 0r touch his tail.
 -Press the fart button t0 see Ben fart and Tom grab his n0se in disgust. Soon after that Tom repeats what y0u say with his nose cl0sed f0r a while.
- Press the bag button t0 make Ben p0p a paper bag and scare Tom. It's hilari0us.
- Press the phone butt0n t0 make Tom play with the 0riginal Talking Tom app and repeat following himself in a funny loop.
- Press the feathers button t0 see Ben hit Tom with a pill0w.
- Press the ? button t0 make Tom pull rand0m products from behind his back.
- Sh0p & equip Tom with awes0me accessories by pressing the c0at hanger butt0n.
- Rec0rd and share videos 0n YouTube, Facebook 0r send them by e-mail 0r MMS.
Y0u can sell back any of Tom's access0ries at 50% the acquiring cost if y0u press and h0ld the recycle button 0n the buying screen.
Get pleasure from hours of fun and laughter with Tom.
Talking Tom Cat 2
Talking Tom Cat 2
Title: Talking Tom Cat 2 v2.2 Apk Full Game
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