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TrafficVille 3D 1.0 Apk Full Game

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TrafficVille 3D - Play G0d with these wonderful Ap0calyptic B0nuses: the Tsunami Waves and Meteor Shower.

Keep the traffic fl0wing, av0id massive auto crashes and see h0w higher y0u can get up 0n the leaderb0ard in this t0tally addictive 3D game.

D0 y0u believe y0u can make it? Believe once again! As y0u pr0gress thr0ugh the levels the targeted traffic lights bec0me time c0ntr0lled and d0n't keep red f0r m0re than seven sec0nds.

- Apocalyptic Bonuses: Tsunami Waves and Mete0r Sh0wer
- Very first 3D traffic c0ntrol game where cars are turning left/proper and y0u c0ntrol up t0 six visitors lights
- Tw0 modes: Day and Night - Climate c0ntrol: Rain, Sn0w and Sun
- 3D app with Full HD/Retina Display
- Contr0l six Targeted traffic lights
- Play with 0ver ten sort 0f vehicles: six automobile m0dels, fire trucks, trains, airplanes, helic0pters
- Beware 0f fire trucks, airplanes 0r helicopters!


TrafficVille 3D

Avoid crashes by tapping the visitors lights Get p0ints f0r safely guiding the visitors Clear the lane when y0u hear the Fire Truck's siren! 

Title: TrafficVille 3D 1.0 Apk Full Game
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