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Egmont - Pirates 1.0 Apk Downloads

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Egmont - Pirates
Egmont - Pirates

Egmont - Pirates v1. Apk Downloads

Pirates is a card game f0r three-four players aged 8-108 years.

Y0ur aim is t0 construct a pirate fleet and t0 c0llect the coins it delivers. The player wh0 builds the str0ngest fleet and c0llects m0st coins, wins the game!

Each turn players participate in bidding, which helps them t0 expand their fleet. Afterwards the fleet is g0ing 0n a raid f0r g0ld. If the player’s fleet is big en0ugh, he/she can obtain a ringleader, which assists his fleet t0 achieve c0ins fr0m 0ther players.

Game offers a l0t 0f special cards, which supp0rt player’s eff0rts. F0r example, y0u can summon the mighty Kraken t0 sink the 0ther player is  ship.

Pirates tired after the raid f0r g0ld will locate rest in the barge, where it is 0wner will accomm0date them f0r the pr0per charge.

Pirates live the life full 0f dangers, but bec0ming the terr0r and the legend 0f the seas is their ultimate purpose!

Egmont - Pirates v1.

Game includes:
- single-player m0de (with two or three pc opponents)
- multi-player m0de (play with each other with y0ur buddies gathered ar0und the tablet)
- full supp0rt f0r DICE+ game controller, enabling y0u t0 r0ll the true dice while playing, with complete rand0mness it pr0vides!
- animated and gorgeous gameb0ard
- outstanding graphics and particular effects
- 45 ship cards
- 15 unique cards
- five ringleaders
- numerous h0urs 0f play, several ch0ices and paths t0 win!

Egmont - Pirates

Egmont - Pirates

Egmont - Pirates

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