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Diamond Blast 1.8 Apk Full Downloads

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Diamond Blast

Diamond Blast is #1 amazing diamond match game featuring addictive gameplay and t0ns 0f exciting blast effects and p0wer ups!

The game is an exciting arcade game which will challenge y0u t0 devel0p a lightning-quick reaction time. In Action m0de y0u have 60 sec0nds t0 match as several diam0nds as p0ssible. Y0u can als0 play the Endless m0de t0 earn coins t0 purchase unique p0wer ups f0r Acti0n m0de.

How t0 Play:
- Just TAP 0n any 3 or m0re c0nnected identical diamonds t0 take away them
- Use b0nus items and clever tactics, unl0ck the mysterious blue/yell0w diam0nd and 2X bonus time

Game Features:
- Maximize y0ur p0ints in 60-second Acti0n m0de
- Earn totally free c0ins in Endless m0de
- High quality graphics with breathtaking visual effects

Diamond Blast

Title: Diamond Blast 1.8 Apk Full Downloads
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